Make Kit - Fabric Marbling

Make Kit - Fabric Marbling

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Fabric marbling is an ancient surface design technique that produces beautiful swirling designs. The kit contains everything you need to marble fabric yourself at home. The bright, colourful palette offers endless pattern possibilities! Choose between warm tones (pink, yellow and white) or cool tones (blue, black and white) or combine them both and go textile wild! With both printed instructions and a how-to video, fabric marbling has never been easier.

The Kit includes: 3 water-soluble dyes in dropper bottles, 3 pre-hemmed cotton napkins, 6 pieces of cotton fabric, alum, methyl cellulose, household ammonia, printed instructions and a link to an online tutorial. All you need are some household items including a tin tray, a measuring cup, newspaper, scissors and pins.

The Fabric Marbling Kit is great for 2-3 friends and takes around 3 hours from start to finish.

Currently available for pre-sale, please allow 2-3 weeks lead time.