misc menisci

Misc Menisci, the Collection, uses the physical phenomenon, meniscus as a metaphor for the diverse implications of perceptual differences related to every aspect of our interactions with each other and the world around us. Meniscus is the curve in the upper surface of a liquid close to the surface of a container caused by surface tension. Depending on the molecular properties of the liquid and the surface, the curve may be convex or concave, affecting how the liquid must be measured. As in the phenomenon of meniscus, a concrete truth may take on a new meaning depending on context and point of view. Many variables contribute to our point of view resulting in perceptual differences. Perceptual differences are subconsciously and at times consciously expressed in the form of judgements. These judgments can be seen as a form of measuring. Whether the liquid is concave or convex will affect the final measurement. Measurements, both literal and figurative were integral to the creation of this body of work.

The processes used in the creation of this body of work emulates it’s conceptual implications. Liquids of varying compositions react with each other, the environments and other more stable materials to produce and image. Fabric marbling is an aqueous surface design technique. The process involves dropping pigments onto a thickened liquid surface. Copious amounts of precise measuring are required to achieve the correct chemical reactions. Once on the surface of the thickened liquid, pigments expand and contract and due to environmental conditions and fluid dynamics, not two prints will ever be the same.

Photography: Lunakhods

Model: Kathryn Rose

Hair & Make-up: Leyla Göka



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