igneous & id

Igneous is a type of stone that has been solidified from magma. Having undergone a transformation involving volcanic processes. This stone is born from fire making it strong and stable. Id is the part of the unconscious where instinctive impulses originate. The Id seeks pleasure and satisfaction with no regard for pragmatic boundaries. The personification of these two concepts was inspired by the duality in us all. Rocks represent dependability, while the id is fleeting and impulsive.

Versatility is central to the small collection of limited edition pieces. Worn, wrapped, draped, layered, loose, tight, matching or clashing- it is left up to the wearer whether they want to channel Igneous or Id.

Each piece in the collection is thoughtfully made in a small studio in downtown Toronto. Using an ancient pattern design technique called Marbling, no two pieces are exactly the same.

Photography: Polina Teif

Models: Talula Wilde & Lina Barattin

Hair & Makeup: Andi Liga

Logo Design: Melanie Hong


Archive from 05/01/17

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