You walk down the street, mulling over a certain conflict in your life. You glance to your left and your eye lands on a bumper sticker on the backside of a car. The message on the sticker is clearly speaking directly to you, it is the answer to your problem. You instinctively put your hand in your pocket and feel the smooth contours of your lucky rock. As you walk further you allow your thoughts to wander and you find yourself thinking about an old friend. You wonder how they are doing. Your phone buzzes and it is a message from that old friend. How could that be merely a coincidence! As you continue on your walk you reach a park and decide to sit on the bench for a few minutes. You look up at the cloud-filled blue sky and immediately recognize the image of a dog. It makes you miss your old family dog who passed away years ago. The harder you look the more your recognize the features of your old dog. You start to think about how this could be your dog’s way of saying ‘hi’ from wherever she is now. Once again your hand finds itself in your pocket and you feel the familiar smooth texture of your rock. You get up and continue on your walk. You spot some graffiti on the side of a building that you have never seen before. ‘Everything happens for a reason.’  You hold the rock tightly in your palm feeling the warmth radiating from within it.


Apophenia refers to the human tendency to perceive a connection or meaningful pattern between seemingly unrelated or random things.

Pattern has been used to decorate textiles for thousands of years. Since patterns need to be printed, there is usually a repeat. How easily the repeat can be recognized depends on the type of pattern and the printing method. Something in us craves this repeat. We search for a distinguishable motif, wanting to know where it begins and where it ends. The desire for a recognizable pattern can be so strong that we make one up, unconsciously convincing ourselves that we see something that isn’t there.

Apophenia is a limited edition collection composed of hand-marbled luxury loungewear. Due to the nature of the printing technique, there no repeat in the pattern - each garment is cut from a monotype piece of fabric. Featuring luxurious textiles, roomy silhouettes and pockets in everything, the collection explores the visceral experience of being dressed. Motivated by how our clothing affects the way we think and where our minds may take us when we give them room to wander. Apophenia is more than a collection, it is a psychological exploration of pattern.